Audio Visual Solutions from Moonlighting

Moonlighting specialise in bringing sound and lighting together and providing audio visual solutions that will enhance any event or wedding. Combining the correct sound and audio solution that can be heard and seen throughout your venue should not be left to chance. The years of experience that Moonlighting has gained through providing audio visual solutions for the Belfast Telegraph awards, Press Eye awards and speeches by Bill Clinton shows that we are trusted by those who know the cost of getting it wrong. Moonlighting has providing audio visual solutions in a wide range of venues from the Ulster Hall, to hotels, castles as well as intimate private functions in the home of our clients.

Moonlighting audio visual experts attend the site visit alongside the hotel/venue staff and offer technical expertise and peace of mind. We then deliver on our audio visual solutions and offer technical piece of mind to their guests while they are enjoying the occasion.

Portable Projectors

Moonlighting can provide portable projectors offerin up to 5,000 lumens. These HD projectors are light enough to move around to different locations, and bright enough to anyone in your audience ensuring a wonderful audio visual experience.

Large Venue Projectors

Moonlighting can provide larger HD 12,000 lumen and 20,000 lumen projectors which are designed to keep the noise level to a minimum during the your event. 


Moonlighting's HD cameras feature-packed semi-shoulder mounting camcorder delivers superb low-light performance, spectacular picture quality, multi-codec flexibility and it’s never been easier to record and share great-looking content with absolute confidence.

Computers & Video Playback

Moonlighting use the latest Apple technology with the latest version of PowerPoint and video codecs to ensure flawless playing back of any video.